Deluxe Refrigerator Filter

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Genuine Whirlpool 4396508 Refrigerator Water Filter EZ Change Deluxe
2 Pack Whirlpool PUR Deluxe Fridge Water Filter 4396841 T2RFWG2 Refrigerator
NEW 3 Pack Whirlpool PUR Deluxe Fridge Water Filter 4396841 Side Refrigerator

Deluxe Refrigerator Filter

Compilation of GE french-Door Refrigerator

To buy a home appliance trend this summer, see - flat-panel televisions, refrigerators, washing mach

Earthquake is over, normal life resumed. In previous years, this time is

Home Appliances Consumption during the peak period, especially air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and other appliances summer heat. This year marks the

Olympics Years, consumption of flat panel TVs look forward to all parties. Although because of the sudden earthquake, temporarily blocking the line of sight we observe new appliances, but the consumer electronics market this summer, the latest trends, still we must provide to all readers.

Air conditioning conversion into a consumer choice

In recent years, air-conditioning consumption survey, comfort, energy conservation is most concerned about two features of the consumer. According to a recent survey shows that after the earthquake, consumer concern about energy conservation obviously improved. Next year, the state set new standards for energy efficiency rate will be formally opened, it will greatly enhance the market access threshold for air conditioning. At present, many are stepping up to sell low-end brand products. But the reporter that in low-cost and energy efficient, consumers should make more rational choices.

In the current air-conditioning market, pushing the mainstream brand products have been the main direction of the changes occurred, inverter air conditioner has become an absolute hero. This year on April 25, in the "inverter air conditioner to promote Union" set up an annual summit, domestic air conditioning manufacturers have joined the mainstream, their influence is self-evident. The only alliance in the early days of last April, only five members of the company, of which only domestic brand

Hisense 1. This year, frequency Union to 12 member companies, including Gree, Midea, Haier air conditioning at constant speed for many years previous domestic strength. Inverter air conditioner to become a protagonist in the industry, contributed to its energy-saving features. In general, under the same conditions, inverter air conditioner consumes less energy than constant speed about 50% of air conditioning, refrigeration and heat can speed was faster than 1 / 3. The noise has been criticized for consumers, inverter air conditioner is also lower than the fixed speed air conditioning. In recent years, designed specifically for sleep most of the inverter technology air-conditioned bedrooms. From the current industry direction, inverter air conditioner will become mainstream.

In a closed environment, the air-conditioning, air quality is good or bad so many people worried. The emergence of this year's ventilatory make health characteristics implement. China Association for Standardization of fresh air conditioning on the level set on a A +, A, B, C 4 levels, including A + being the highest, must also meet the automatic cleaning, two-way for wind, air purification and negative ions of four techniques. Currently on the market, Haier 08 Olympic wind air-conditioning to achieve this standard. It can not open the window under the premise of the indoor stale air to the outside, while outdoor air through a special purification equipment into room.

Chic and cheap fan cooling fan

Compared with air-conditioning, there are still many people like to use the fan because it is cheap enough, and can move around. But ordinary fans are faulty, that is, the wind is often blowing out hot. Combination of fan and air-conditioning fan air conditioning functions have emerged, but this year there is a cooling fan, is recommended. Pioneer cooling fan, such as using spray cooling technology to achieve cooling, the tank can not move the water into living water, cooling fan at the top of the tank also has two dedicated fiber filtration can be carried out on the pumping of water filter the wind blowing out healthier. Pioneer top of the unit can be cooled with ice cooling fans, coupled with the bactericidal effect of cold catalyst can achieve double the air purification purposes.

Present, there are mostly in cooling fan prices of a few hundred dollars, Deluxe Edition thousand speak out. More expensive than ordinary fan, but compared to tens of thousands of air-conditioning, they have cheaper.

Dynamic definition flat panel TV is the focus

Now, the European Cup drums are tight. In another 49 days, the Chinese people a much-anticipated opening of the Beijing Olympic Games in turn. On the pursuit of high-definition motion pictures became the focus of consumers consider the television manufacturers of new products this year are the main push a big fuss.

"51" before Changhong

Launched 900 series flat-panel TV is the core image of the product throughout the year, when only LCD 42-inch and two 32-inch model, now add the inch LCD 37,47,52 and 32,42,50-inch plasma, size, and Model attributed to complete.

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