Replacement Water Filter System 3 Pack

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NEW PUR Water Filtration System 3 stage filter Replacement Refill 3 Pack

Replacement Water Filter system 3 Pack

Brita 35503 Pitcher Replacement Water Filter Cartridges, 3-Pack

Getting the Right Camping Water Filter For You

The camping water filter was developed over 40 years ago as a means of making freshwater out of saltwater. It makes use of reverse osmosis, in which unclean or salty water is passed through a membrane. In the process, the water is purified and concentrated, producing high quality water that is safe for human consumption. This filter actually uses a semi-permeable film where water is forced through. It is a viable solution that can replace the use of expensive and energy-inefficient distillation devices for cleaning, cooking and drinking water.

Having a camping water filter with you anytime you are outdoors is essential since you cannot assume that campground or running stream water is always safe to drink. Even if you get your drinking water supply from a faucet, there may be disease-carrying viruses and bacteria on them which can cut your camping trip shorter. A filter, therefore, should always be among the first items that you should put in your backpack. Designed and made for long time use, the water filter has been made durable and dependable, even in extreme conditions. Always keep tabs of the number of people coming on the trip, though. This is to be able to pack a filter with enough capacity for the number of people in your group. It should also be able to filter water that has been taken from unclean sources such as streams, lakes and rivers.

When buying a hiking water filter, make sure that the features meet your personal requirements. You should also be able to afford it. To have more choices, you can always access the Internet in addition to the traditional sporting outlets. Check out your choices of filters first and ask questions before buying one to be able to get the best product for you.

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