Replacement Water Filter System Maytag

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Replacement Water Filter system Maytag


What Do Maytag Water Filters Offer?

Maytag water filters, like so many others, are somewhat behind the times.  Hopefully, they’ll catch up eventually.  In the meantime, let’s look at what they currently offer and how we can get better protection.  If it’s time to replace your filter, it may be time to take a different approach.

Maytag offers Puri-Clean I and II.  System I is advertised as removing chlorine, lead, cysts and sediment.  First of all, no system completely “removes” these things.  They may “reduce” them by 99% or better, but the brochures that accompany the Puri-clean systems do not indicate the percent of reduction.

System II reduces chlorine, lead, asbestos, cysts, lindane, Atrazine and sediment.  That’s a little better, but the filter is not compatible with older refrigerator models.  So, you either buy a new refrigerator or you stop using your dispenser and buy a filtration unit for your kitchen faucet, instead.

Even if you bought their latest model, there are some chemicals that Maytag water filters do not remove.  One group is present whenever chlorine is used for disinfection.  They are called trihalomethanes or THMs.

There have been numerous scientific studies concerning the risk of THM exposure, because they are known carcinogens.  At one time, it was believed that the amount that was present in publicly treated supplies was “safe”.  Even though, many scientists warned that there was no way to actually determine a safe level of consumption for any chemical, since they combine with other chemicals, which increases their toxicity.

But, regulating agencies needed some sort of guideline, so maximum contamination levels (MCLs) were established.  Using those MCLs, researchers evaluated the cancer-risk from consumption, inhalation during a shower and dermal absorption.  They also tested individuals in their homes, after drinking and showering in unfiltered water.  It was found that the blood levels were higher after a 15 minute shower than they were after drinking a liter.

Since there are no Maytag water filters that reduce THMs, they cannot help reduce your cancer risk.  The latest research indicates that the amounts we are normally exposed to increase our lifetime risk of bladder cancer by two-fold.  To reduce the risk, you need a faucet filter with special resins that traps the chemicals.  To further reduce your risk, you can install one in the shower, as well.

You might be wondering if all refrigerator systems are like the Maytag water filters.  From the research that I have done, it looks like they are.  It seems to take the manufacturers too long to respond to new research.  Atrazine and lindane, for example, are common herbicides and pesticides.  They also cause cancer.  Over seven years ago, studies were published concerning the presence of these contaminants in publicly treated supplies, but only the refrigerator models have a filter that traps them.

The studies concerning THMs continue to come in.  The most commonly quoted report was only published in 2008.  That means that it will probably be several years before Maytag water filters catch up.  Until then, buy an effective purifier and drink from your faucet.  That’s the best choice you can make. If you have two minutes to spare, please feel free to browse through my website.

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